ZEST Deep-Cleaning Treatment


Why do I need ZEST?

Bacteria are a contributory factor in blepharitis and dry eye.

Deposits along the lid margin can become infected with bacteria. The bacteria then produce substances which cause irritation, burning or itching. Inflammation of the lids affects the meibomian (oil producing) glands. Without enough oil, tears evaporate too quickly, leaving the eye dry. In the absence of sufficient antibacterial tears, bacteria grow unrestricted, creating further inflammation. Without treatment, it ends up as a vicious cycle of chronically dry and sore eyes.

By eliminating the bacteria, the inflammatory contributors of blepharitis can be reduced and the overall health of the eyelid and meibomian glands is improved.

If microscopic examination has identified deposits on your eyelid margins, you will, therefore, be advised to thoroughly clean your eyelids. ZEST is a comfortable, natural and effective alternative to BlephEx.

What is ZEST?

Zocular Eyelid System Technology (ZEST) deep-cleaning is an innovative, natural approach to the management of dry eye, MGD, blepharitis, Demodex and eye inflammation. Exclusively distributed by The Body Doctor Ltd, ZEST uses a patented Okra-based system to provide immediate and long-lasting relief. It is performed by your eye doctor in office, needs no topical anaesthetic and only takes 5-12 minutes.

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