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You have come to the right place. Welcome to Dry Eyes Clinic where we specialise in helping people like you alleviate their gritty and tired eyes.

Who we are and what do we do?

Dry Eyes Clinic was set up in Manchester by Mr Myer Yodaiken a specialist Consultant Ophthalmologist and member of the General Medical Council. He himself had dry eye symptoms, stinging eyes and all the other symptoms. He tried many of the eye drops out there, being a Consultant Ophthalmologist he had access to many resources, all they ever accomplished was short-term relief and he continued to suffer from burning eyes.

This changed when he discovered the latest modern technology called Lipflow Technology which offers a dry eyes treatment which gets right to the root of the problem and is backed by over 25 years of research.

79% patients reported improvement of their overall symptoms within four weeks

After Mr Yodaiken began his dry eyes treatment, he saw a huge improvement for his irritated eyes. He reported:

“I feel like I have a new pair of eyes”

He was so excited with the results of the treatment that he realized there wasn’t an option but to bring this out to the masses so that they can enjoy the same relief he has by a trusted and sought after professional in the field.

Call today and have Mr Yodaiken or one of his team care for your dry eyes in our private consulting rooms.

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How much will it cost you?

Ask yourself this: “Do I want to continue with suffering and make do with drops which are only offering a temporary relief or I am willing to invest in myself to have a much better quality of life and avoid permanent damage to my precious irreplaceable eyes?

We have invested huge sums of to make the latest advancements of the treating of dry eyes available to you. Taking that into account, the cost of a treatment should really be over £850 per eye. However, seeing how many people are suffering we worked hard to make this affordable to everyone and are offering the assessment and treatment at a greatly reduced price which we will attempt to keep down along as possible. Click here for the latest dry eyes treatment costs.

Dry Eyes Manchester

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What is dry eye syndrome?

So many people suffer from this syndrome without knowing that it is an actual disease. While there are those who notice the symptoms but neglect it or use self-medications that can result in greater damage, it is a progressive disease. Without treatment or proper medication, it can worsen over time. This disease is a condition in which there are insufficient tears in the eyes to nourish, sustain and help lubricate them. Patients with dry eye have a very poor quality of tears or they do not even have enough to sustain the eyes.

"I've had Dry Eyes for several years and it evolved to a point where I could hardly tolerate it. The treatment felt very comfortable. Now I have no pain in my eyes, light doesn't bother me as much, my life is different. I am grateful." (Patricia)

How do I know if I may have this syndrome?

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If you have any of the following symptoms in any of your eyes:

You may be suffering from Meibomian Gland Disease (also known as Dry Eyes) ranging from mild to severe - All you need to do is take our Thirty second test.


There are many different causes of this syndrome, although eighty percent (80%) of the cases are due to blocked oil glands in the eye lids, which leads to the shrinkage of oil glands. Other causes include:

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